"Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going" - Jim Rohn

Self Improvement


It was teens, I discovered my first passion, game of cricket.

I kept excelling every day as I practiced and played. I was harnessing my skills well and enjoying it. Soon got selected for my University Team and captained it for three years. Without a proper mentor or sponsor, best I could do was to get selected in last twenty-five of U-19 Mumbai cricket team. To earn bread and butter, soon I paused my passion for professional cricket and took up a full time job as SAP/ERP consultant.

At age 27, when I was pursuing my self-funded MBA, I discovered entrepreneurship gives me equal kick as the game of cricket - my second passion. The idea kept growing on me and I realised I didn’t enjoy doing a job. With no capital to start my own business, I tried my luck with a company who could keep my passion alive. I founded two new company’s for them as non-promoter Director. At age 35, the passion became my dream!

As the life priorities in personal life pushed me in different direction, taking a plunge to become an Entrepreneur (Promoter Founder) could not happen. And then during pandemic situation I found the bottom (lowest possible economic situation) & my feet touched the launching pad I was aiming at.

And it happened!

I started my own consulting company at age 40 & started nurturing my professional relationships (developed over last 20 years) in STHAAR Consulting. As soon as I followed my dream, driven by my passion, my gratitude quotient jumped back to the childhood days. I have more time to listen and pay attention to what really matters.

With control over my own time, I joined two cricket clubs in Mumbai and started playing quality cricket again. I started noticing the life around me in much deeper sense and it is indeed more beautiful! I am travelling for work only when it’s needed and spending quality time with my family.

Now as I am more connected/closer to what I really love, I am discovering myself more. I am enjoying the work I do;

I am enjoying being an entrepreneur and a cricketer!