We help build sustainable growth strategy to enhance innovation & financial decisions

What we Do

Sthaar Consulting is a lean startup, committed to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's), delivering key initiatives in infrastructure, mobility and manufacturing industry with capabilities to scale up quickly with its trusted network of independent subject matter experts & partner companies.

Sustainable Smart Mobility

On panel with leading consulting firms and not-for-profit organisations as mobility subject matter expert

Infrastructure and mobility industry clients focused on sustainable development goals form 80% of our business and partner relationships which comprises of Fund Managers, Concessionaires, Government, international grants, not-for-profit organisations, subject matter experts and system integrators.

Equity Funding 

Business potential assessment for Equity Funding
Preparation for Equity Funding
Deal Closure for Equity Funding

Business Growth consulting

We understand current landscape & future business goals to provide actionable business growth & technology strategy with the help of our industry experts from different geographies. 

Review current processes, define renewed processes mapped to business growth strategy and lead change management initiative to monitor implementation of business (product + market) strategy on ground.

Digital Transformation

Industry 4.0 technology aggregator with ethos to deliver collaborative business consulting and technology implementing engagements that lead to faster transition of clients business into renewed business growth and digital strategy.

Sthaar Consulting has expertise in the space of Global Navigation Satellite system (GNSS) applications, Video Analytics, NETC FASTag, Business Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Holographics, Energy Management, GPR-LIDAR solutions and Learning Management Solutions in partnership with promising system integrators (with patents under their belt).

Analytics, SAP, Digital Workplace, Energy Management