"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much" - Helen Keller

The Partners

Arohi Operations

More than a decade in creating state-of-the-art video analytics solutions for smart mobility, enforcement and smart city applications designed to meet demanding requirements. Headquartered in Mumbai and branches in 4 Indian cities and a US branch at Silicon Valley, California.

Arohi's vast experience has seen it cover diverse and challenging projects for cities, borders, trains, buses, power plants, oil & gas pipelines, dams, offshore oil platforms, prisons, residential and commercial complexes/townships, coastal security and highways.


Omnichannel workflow platform for business. Enables Business teams to swiftly create custom workflow solutions through iterative natural language conversations

Enterprise solution is deployed as an AI-Chatbot through platforms like WhatsApp ensuring rapid prototyping, easy adoption, instant onboarding & minimal training. 

Converting data collected across your enterprise (Spreadsheets, ERPs, IoT systems, etc.) to knowledge & insights through visually dash-board and MIS system. 

Predoole Analytics

Predoole empower you to leverage your data assets for Competitive advantage. Bringing all your enterprise data together and transforming it into a form to drive actionable business analytics for decision makers is our core competence.

Predoole leverage the business understanding and data knowledge of business analysts and domain experts with Sthaar Consulting. 

Predoole leverage ERP, CRM, SCM data along with agile technologies like Qlik, PowerBI, Snowflake, Khika, DataRobot and Azure to achieve business outcomes in record time.